Hello everyone!

My name is Kim and welcome to my blog! I am a nutritionist and a health coach in Toronto. I have been battling with eczema since 2005 and have medical history of urticaria and anaphylaxis. I love food but I am allergic to a lot of them, such as tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and shellfish.

However, it doesn’t stop my love for food and my passion to make my diet nutritious, yummy and allergens free. The reason to start this blog is that I decided to heal my eczema naturally on February 20, 2019 and want to bring Y’all on this journey with me. I stopped all the medication – including topical steroids – and started experiencing topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). My goal is to raise the awareness of skin diseases and create a support network for all my fellow eczema and TSW warriors.

I hope you will stay in touch by following my blog on the sidebar. Click here if you want to know my full eczema, urticaria and anaphylaxis history.