To my old self (or anyone who is considering healing themselves holistically),

Believe in the natural healing power of your body, you are about to be on a beautiful journey.

I know your skin is killing you right now and you are feeling defeated. It’s hard for you to imagine how bad your skin will be when you stop using steroids and taking antihistamines because you are relying on them to keep you sane – or at least less insane.

Let’s take a step back. Remember when you first started using topical steroids, how did your skin react? Did it feel like a magic potion that cleared your skin right away? How does your skin react now? Do you feel like topical steroids are not helping you as much anymore? Do you feel like your body has developed tolerance to them and you are getting higher dosage/more concentrated prescription? Did your doctor tell you that’s the only way to heal your eczema? Did you feel devastated when the dermatologist told you that you need to take antihistamines daily for the rest of your life when you were only 20 years old? Do you feel like your immune system is getting weaker and you are getting more flare-ups and random allergic reactions? Do you want to make a change? And if I tell you now that you can become medication-, steroids- and moisturizer-free but you are going to go through hell – something called topical steroid withdrawal – would you trust me and make this huge step forward? Are you willing to sacrifice the foods you love that are inflammatory to reach full recovery?

I’m here at the end of the tunnel sending you this message. It’s beautiful here – you will find health, love, strength, confidence, authenticity and so much more. You will not regret it and I am waiting for you to experience all of this. I took this picture a few days ago hoping I can show you and let you know that it is possible. It is not a dream. I’m holding you with love.

Present self

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