Back in elementary school, I used to have eczema for years with wounds, inflammations and oozes everywhere on my face and body. Yet, I was a happy, outgoing and confident kid because I have never seen myself as unfortunate or inadequate. I still remember someone from the church once told me to think of 3 simple things I’m grateful for every day because sometimes we get too caught up in our lives and forget to pause and appreciate the things we have, and the experience we have been through.

Ever since then, I have always been thankful about 3 things daily:
1) Be able to wake up in the morning;
2) Be able to get home safe;
3) And be able to go to bed at night in a safe shelter.

February 20th, 2019 was the day my TSW journey has started. Looking back this past 12 months, it was full of ups and downs, happiness and tears, and small blessings. There were times when I forget how to be thankful for the things I have.

Today as I was walking to the bus stop breathing in the fresh air and feeling the gentle breeze on my face. I started counting the new simple blessings in life that TSW has brought me:
1) No longer taking or applying any medication for my skin condition to be under control;
2) No longer getting hives and burning sensation when I’m walking in the cold;
3) Be able to take a shower without having intense itch or pain for an hour afterwards;
4) Be able to sleep;
5) Be able to walk without feeling any pain or discomfort;
6) Be able to look in the mirror and feel like me again (most of the time);
7) Be able to stay in Toronto after grad and pursue my career in the nutrition field here – there were times when my condition was so bad that my family wanted me to move back to Hong Kong so that they could take care of me and seek medical support there;
8) I’m grateful for all the love and support from my friends, family, my boyfriend and the TSW community – they are always here for me even during the toughest days of TSW when I couldn’t even love myself;
9) And, the fact that I’m writing this post celebrating 1-year TSW and sharing with y’all that I am truly healing and feeling so much better.

The meaning we create from our experiences shape who we are, and we have the power to create those meanings. Sometimes we blame others or the universe for bringing us challenges or pain and didn’t realize that without these experiences – the good and the bad – we won’t be the strong and unique individuals we are today. We create our own reality with our thoughts, attitudes and the way we interpret our experiences. Find meanings and blessings behind our experiences instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts. Let go of the self-limiting belief system or things that no longer serve you. All healings and changes will begin with the change of our thoughts.

I’m thankful for what TSW has brought me because I am able to feel connected with people who are struggling with mental health issues or chronic diseases working as a health coach. I looking forward to the day when I can celebrate my full recovery and have more blessings adding to my list. But until then, I will keep fighting – and I hope you will too.

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Here is a recent photo of my skin condition 🙂

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