I found out I developed gluten allergy last December after having two anaphylactic reactions. Living a gluten-free life in Toronto is so much easier as a lot of restaurants offer gluten-free options. However, it is extremely challenging to be gluten-free in Hong Kong because soy sauce, chicken broth powder and breaded foods are common in Chinese cuisine – which all contain gluten.

Located in a tiny alley next to Pottinger Street in the heart of Central, Kale HK dedicated in healthy and balanced plant-based eating. Vegetable and meat are processed in separate kitchens to prevent cross-contamination. I went there twice to try out their wide range of gluten-free dishes.

The hot dishes all come with a selection of salads and generous portions. During my first visit, I ordered the pesto chicken in herbs brown rice with kale salad (kale, pomegranate and avocado dressing) and additional avocado topping (BONUS POINT to the perfectly ripe avocado). My friends had Cajun chicken brown rice with the weekly special salad (carrot and cucumber) and crab rice with roasted vegetables (pumpkin, okra, eggplant and cherry tomatoes) and marinated soft-boiled egg as topping.

I love the pesto chicken because it is tender and has minimal seasonings. If you find yourself enjoy flavourful dishes more, then Cajun chicken would be a better option. The kale salad is really fresh and not to mention they are made from organic kale. It is a nutritious and delicious combo which I would highly recommend.

On to the drinks, my friends ordered the Sunrise juice (Calamansi, lemon and dried cranberries) to share and I tried the KaleDyno shake (Kale, banana, apple and blueberries). The KaleDyno may look intimidating as it is green in colour but it has a light, refreshing and fruity taste.

During my second visit, I ordered the truffle quinoa risotto with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and additional pesto chicken (because I am a meat lover). The pesto goes really well with the risotto which has a hint of vinegar. It is absolutely vegan-friendly without the addition of chicken. I ordered the Avocuddle shake (love the creativity and punniness) which is made of young coconut, avocado and dates. Among the three drinks I have tried, Avocuddle is definitely my favourite.

For the sides, I have tried the sweet potato fries and plantain fries. AND I HAVE TO SAY THE PLANTAIN FRIES ARE HANDS DOWN THE BEST. It tastes like low-sugar banana bread. Trust me you have to try it if you love bananas. The sweet potato fries have a crunchy exterior and a fluffy interior yet not greasy. They are 100% vegan and gluten-free since the fryer is dedicated to making fries only. There are no breaded items in the restaurant so say goodbye to cross-contamination.

My bill came to HKD200 in total for both of my visits because I was too excited to try everything and ordered a lot. The hot dishes usually cost you about HKD100 which is reasonable given how fresh the ingredients are. The portion size is big and the food is absolutely filling even without ordering a side or a drink.

Adress: G/F, 26 Li Yuen Street West, Central, Hong Kong


Kale HK website: www.kale.com.hk

Order through Deliveroo: https://deliveroo.hk/en/menu/hong-kong/central/kale-lee-yuen-street

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